Football ScoreBook

Football ScoreBook 2.1

Football ScoreBook is a tool that allows football coaches to plan a season

Football ScoreBook is a small application that allows the user to manage a football game plan. One of the strongest features of Football ScoreBook is the chance to set up a game plan by having an ahead-planned game schedule. Any coach knows that without the game calendar they cannot plan the Pre-Season and Season training camps. Having a personalized Roster data base is a key feature of the program. The Coach/Manager can enter/edit the whole team roster by player/position or both, assigning a player a position in the offense/defense/special teams, not only that, but being able to have full information on any player file (telephone, address, etc). Statistics is a feature any coach/manager will look for in this kind of applications, Football Scorebook can provide statistics by player or team. "By team" statistics can be a powerful tool for those managing an amateur football league, as they can plan game calendar based on team statistics and have competitive matches on equally skilled teams. All schedules/Roster/Team information can be printed or exported to other file formats(.doc, xls) for easy share.

Augusto Rivera
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  • Most coaching needs in planning are covered, a complete program


  • The program is simple and the price makes the program look overrated, half the actual price would be a fair price
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